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Best Way to Protect Wood Floors from Chairs

Have you scratched up your hardwood floor in the past while moving tables or furniture? Here are some tips to prevent your hardwood floors from being scratched!

  • Use a business card or a small cutout with construction paper on all four legs of the object. If done correctly on most objects, you can prevent scratching. However, this will not prevent moving.
  • Use felt, cork or rubber pads meant for the bottoms of chairs and tables. These will protect the floor while still allowing it to slightly move.
  • Use carpet tape or velcro if you don’t want the object to move. These, will prevent the object from moving unless forced, but will do nothing to protect against scratches when moved.
  • Rubber chair legs can be purchased specifically for the bottoms of chair legs.
  • Wrapping the bottoms in a plastic bag and using a rubber band will hold it as long as the bag stays on.
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