Ultimate Grip Fuzz Free Felt pads

Ultimate Grip Fuzz Free Felt pads for wooden furniture

Kleen Freak Fuzz Free Felt Pads provide next level surface protection, and prevent lint from collecting on your chair and table leg tips with our patent-pending plastic shield. Glide and slide all of your furniture with ease – without the messy build up. Plus, our Ultimate Grip technology is the best for wooden furniture providing lasting next-level surface protection.

The Ultimate Grip Fuzz Free Felt pads have the best grip available for wooden furniture legs. These pads have spikes and adhesive for a superior hold on any wooden furniture item. Peal away the adhesive backing, and apply to your furniture. Then gently tap with a hammer to secure the spikes into place.

  • The Ultimate Grip Fuzz Free Felt pads Protect your hard floors from scratches and dents without the collection of dust, hair, and fuzz.
  • Trusted surface protection with an exclusive design that stops lint buildup on your furniture legs.
  • Patent-pending design that keeps dust and lint away from felt pads with a flexible plastic shield.
  • Ultimate Grip technology provides reliable, long lasting grip on wooden furniture.
  • The Ultimate Grip Fuzz Free Felt pads prevent furniture from scratching hardwood floors, ceramic tile, linoleum, and laminate.