Best Wood Floor Protection Pads

Best Wood Floor Protection Pads

To help reduce the likelihood of these types of scratches, there are many products available, ranging from simple self-adhesive felt pads to rolling casters that can be mounted onto furniture legs. Some products offer better protection than others, and some work better with different furniture and flooring types.

The following lists a sampling of some of the more popular furniture protectors available and the pros and cons of each.

  • Self-adhesive felt pads

  • Formed-felt pads

  • Tap-In felt glides

  • Rubber / Teflon-like grippers

  • Stick-on / Screw-on foot protectors

  • Cup-shaped protectors

  • Caster cups

  • Swivel glides

  • Casters

  • Cloth furniture gliders


There are some best nylon furniture glides protector.

Nylon Furniture Glide Diameter pack

Nylon Glide Diameter pack

Dia Nylon Glide pack

Shepherd-Hardware Nylon Glide

D-H-S Slider Glides Chairs Stools

Crescent Shaped Slider Glides Chairs