Best Pads for bottom of Chair Legs

Best Pads for bottom of Chair Legs

Tap in nylon furniture glides protect floors from scratches and indentations while they protect wooden furniture legs from spills and moisture.  Nylon furniture glides are perfect for 50’s tapered dowel style wood chair legs. Normally its integrated  with zinc-plated nail, Nylon base and metal nail. Rounded bottoms help glide them over minor obstacles. Using nylon furniture glides your furniture to make things 10X easier to move and clean behind. Nylon furniture glides are easy to nail in, and slide along the tile floor great.

You can easily install it in ordinary wood these can be hammered in without problem but remember don’t try to hammer the glides in with a single blow. Use as many small taps as you need to get the job done. Pre-drilling usually isn’t necessary, but for harder woods, it might be a good idea. If you’re replacing existing glides that had a larger diameter nail, just prep the hole with a toothpick and a small dab of glue, and you’re in business!


There are some best nylon furniture glides protector.

Nylon Furniture Glide Diameter pack

Nylon Glide Diameter pack

Dia Nylon Glide pack

Shepherd-Hardware Nylon Glide

D-H-S Slider Glides Chairs Stools

Crescent Shaped Slider Glides Chairs